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Create: DIY Wood “Carved” Initials Ornaments

December 31, 2013

This is the sixth year that my family has made matching Christmas shirts and the fifth year that I was in charge of concept and design. I hinted that I was in the process of creating a gift for each family that matched the shirt theme. I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seats ever since so here’s the reveal!

The shirt this time around was meant to honor my grandparents, the heads of the family and the two who brought the rest of us all together. I wanted to go with a tree theme but on a shirt? That’s pretty tricky. So the designer and I decided to go with a heart smack in the middle of the shirt that showed the rings of a tree, featuring the initials of my grandparents, T + M.

I’m not entirely thrilled with how that came out on the shirt but I am happy with the ornaments I made to go along with that theme.

woodburning ornamentsI purchased a set of small slivers of a tree branch from Etsy seller Just Like Gramma’s House that were pre-drilled with twine so they were ready to use as ornaments.

I bought a cheap-o multi-purpose tool from Michael’s that offered several different heads, including the pointy one above that worked pretty well for woodburning.

DIY wood "carved" initials ornaments

I simply drew a heart, added the initials T + M, and burned 2013 onto the back side. Sounds easier than it was – it actual took around five hours for nine ornaments – but once I got the hang of it, I was in a groove and it wasn’t too bad.

This was my first experience with woodburning. The biggest things I learned: be patient, be flexible, and go slowly. I would’ve liked to do a carving and probably could have in addition to the burning but I think the burning stands out and looks really cool, especially up close in person.

DIY wood "carved" initials ornaments - frontI’m proud of myself for trying something new and so happy that my family loved them.

DIY wood "carved" initials ornaments - backI hope each family proudly hangs the ornament on their Christmas tree each year and recalls all of the holiday memories created with my grandparents and each other.

I actually made two other DIY gifts: one I haven’t given out yet but it’s not super exciting, and one is this chocolate coconut sugar scrub from the How Sweet It Is blog.

How Sweet It Is - DIY Chocolate Coconut Sugar ScrubI gave that to three different people and even if they don’t use it as body scrub, I hope they sniff it daily because man oh man does it smell good!

Did you DIY any gifts this year or receive any homemade gifts? Do you have one or two Christmas ornaments that are extra special to you?

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  1. January 1, 2014 7:57 pm

    The ornaments are so cool! I would love to try that and give those as gifts next year. I like that the design is simple, they are really eye-catching. I’m not surprised to hear that they were well received.


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