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Still Meatless Over Here

August 20, 2013

I recently realized that this summer marked my two year anniversary of giving meat the boot. Let’s chat about it, shall we?

Normally whatever food you or I fuel our bodies with is our own business but since the blog is where I announced my meatless endeavors and continued to write about them, I figure the 2+ year mark is a good time for an update.

Boylan Heights veggie burger Charlottesville VA

Me: Still meatless. I consider myself “pescetarian” (vegetarian plus some seafood) but am conscious of my dairy and seafood intake and try to limit those items. (That veggie burger above out of Charlottesville, VA is the best meatless meal I’ve ever had). I still feel a lot better physically and I also feel a weight lifted that I’m doing something good for my body, animals, and our planet.

John: He was hesitant, then kinda into it, then self-declared he was going meatless and lasted about six months, and is now back to being a full-on meat eater. He said it was just too difficult while out or traveling. I call that not planning well enough but I do admit it can be a bit challenging and often annoying.

J-slice: He’d eat bacon at breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let him. Basically there was no amount of tasty cooking or bribery that would’ve gotten him to drop meat.

As a family: We’re meatless at home. I do all of the meal planning and most of the cooking so fortunately our kitchen runs by my rules. It helps that John is as obsessed with mushrooms as I am (although J-slice is a different story…) Obviously the boys eat what they want outside of the house and if they really want meat at home, I’ll give them a look but generally relent as long as they make it themselves.

Thinking about going meatless? We started out with just having a meatless meal twice per week then added more and more. I loved trying new recipes! If you could use a little help in the kitchen, here are our favorite recipes:



  • Lasagna cupcakes: the original (mushrooms instead of meat) and the veggie version I want to try
  • Ricotta frittata: we like mushroom with spinach or arugula
  • Tacos with faux meat, black beans, tofu, or mushrooms
  • Portabella burgers: we mostly use Old Bay for seasoning
  • Spaghetti, lasagna, stuffed shells, and homemade pizza
  • Smashed cauliflower: sub vegetable broth for the chicken broth
  • Cheesy broccoli quinoa: we add cauliflower and use Old Bay for seasoning
  • Sloppy lentil joes: the recipe we use isn’t online anymore but this one looks just as tasty

Got a favorite meatless recipe? Please share it! Do you have any unusual food preferences? If you have a respectful question about the way we choose to eat, feel free to ask and I’d be happy to answer it.

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  1. August 20, 2013 11:28 pm

    Timely post! No Meat Athlete shared this link today: It’s about meat eaters consuming less actual meat and more faux stuff. Can’t get my guy to go faux, but since I’m the meal planner and usual cook, he eats less meat than he did growing up or if he did all the cooking. Tonight we had burgers (I had a veggie, he had bison), yesterday was a meatless enchilada casserole, the night before was pizza, before that was spaghetti squash. My point being that most of the time, the meat isn’t missed. All those foods are delicious sans meat, they are healthy, and they are plenty filling.

    I’m glad you are still veggie and still loving it! I also like that you mentioned keeping an eye on your dairy consumption. I’m trying to go one day a week without dairy. (Cutting out dairy even just one day a week has a bigger positive impact on the environment than shopping local according to Freakonomics.)

    • August 21, 2013 10:34 am

      I follow the NMA blog but I guess I need to go like them on fb. Thanks for the link!

      What do you guys put in your enchiladas? Black beans? Corn? Spinach?

      Thanks for that stat about dairy! I use almond milk and I know dairy is in tons of stuff we don’t realize so I wonder what my consumption would be if I really paid specific attention to it… Something to consider!

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