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Chocolate and PB had a cake baby

November 12, 2012

This post could also be titled “The Most Nerve-wracking Cake Baking Experience Ever.”

This past weekend we had friends and family over for a late birthday celebration for John. The event was to involve “pizza and desserts” so like any typical Type A female, I overdid the desserts. I am not kidding. I think just looking at the selection involved forking over a week’s worth of Weight Watchers points. Remember that Subway (I think?) commercial where one bite of fast food rocketed the button out of your pants? Yeah, like that. Thus why I spared you of photos of all of them. But here’s a list which should only cost you, what, maybe 17 points?

Can you tell that I get most of my recipes from blogs?

Here’s excited and crazy-eyed wee-man helping me bake the blondies:

haha. Gingers baking blondies. Sounds so wrong.

Let’s talk about that last one on the pants-button-blowing dessert list: the chocolate peanut butter cake. That name is so deceptive. It’s like “chocolate. peanut butter. a duh. what more could you want?” It should come with a little warning, like “Baker may feel the need to seek out medication and/or therapy before, during, and after baking this cake.”

It didn’t help that this was my first ever baked-from-scratch cake and I decided to pick the Mount Everest of cakes. Seriously Janelle?

I’m being dramatic; it wasn’t that bad. I did it to myself by having high expectations and putting lots of pressure on myself. And having this foolish obsession with creating a perfect cake. Luckily, cake doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to taste good!

This chocolate peanut butter cake was inspired by my old soccer friend, Jess, who recently moved back to the area and started a blog. She inspired me to make The Cake.

Before getting started, I called in reinforcements. I borrowed cake pans from my Mom, baking tools from a friend, and asked Jess for any and all tips.

I got really nervous when I baked the cakes, dumped them out of the pans, tasted the little cake bits, and thought it wasn’t that great of a cake. I mean it was good, but it wasn’t like mindblowinglygood like I expected. But I figured that if you cover anything in peanut butter and chocolate ganache, it has to turn out pretty well so I kept going.

Bake. Freeze. Make PB icing with way more PB than the recipe calls for because, um, that’s a family tradition. Have a cake+pb icing party.

Layer one:

Pop pill. Wonder if you are using too much icing on each layer. Layer two:

Take a shot. (Kidding; I don’t drink). Layer three:

Spaz that your cake isn’t level. Attempt to level it. Twist the top layer around. Say out loud “screw it. A sloping cake is still a tasty cake!” Finish icing.

Freeze cake. Watch Glee while waiting for cake to freeze. Consider sharing the cake with Finn instead of John. Re-consider that foolish thought because John didn’t shoot himself in the thigh during basic, which by the way is practically impossible. Make ganache for the first time in your life. Slop it on and spreadity spread. Oh and SPRINKLES!

For as much as I geeked out about it turning out okay, it ended up just being more work+wait than actually being difficult. Now I know! Oh and it tasted amazing! It was rich but not overthetop givememilkrightnow rich.

Everyone loved it and it was even requested for “September birthdays” with John’s family. Aaaand my Mom came back the next day for leftovers.

I think we have a winner.

For the actual birthday singing, we put candles on the yellow cake my Mom had made (a John request) and he and his niece blew out the candles. Yay!

Oh and because I think my homemade birthday card is pretty funny, here it is (the inside):

It says: Birthday Proverb: “He who dates younger woman stays young himself.” Yeah I made that up. Sounds good though, right?!

Happy Birthday, John!

What’s the hardest item you’ve ever cooked/baked? Did it turn out well or was it a giant flop? Are you coming over tonite for dessert leftovers?!? Is the button still on your pants or do you do your blog reading in yoga pants (even though you don’t do yoga)? 

6 Comments leave one →
  1. Sara permalink
    November 13, 2012 12:05 pm

    This made me laugh, and have a variety of sweet cravings…thanks :p

    Also, I have my yoga pants on but do not plan on doing yoga today Hahaha

  2. November 13, 2012 6:01 pm

    Oh my, that cake (and all the other goodies) sound amazing! I think chocolate pb is the best combo ever! And I love your birthday card — I may have to steal it for the hubs b-day. He is only 30 days older than me, but I always tease him about being soooooo old! Lol!

  3. November 15, 2012 7:19 am

    Happy birthday, John! By the looks of the cake, it was a good one!*

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