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Post-turkeyless Turkey Day

November 28, 2011

Sometimes I’m a real Negative Nancy. Not intentionally; it just sorta happens. Maybe it’s so we all know I’m a real human. Today I’m a cooler real human because I’m Positive Penny. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta happy person. [Note: if you don’t quite get that reference, go watch Office Space immediately.]

I think my mood has significantly improved due to one Gavin kitten, two days off work, and extra time with J-slice.

Thanks to three-month-old Gavin, there’s more play time, more snuggle time, and more purr time in our lives. Purring has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, dontchaknow. I made that up but I’m sure being around a purring kitty can’t hurt.

Know what else can’t hurt? Having a productive weekend. We meal-planned and bought our groceries for the week, are half-way through painting our basement (finally!), went to church with my Grandpa, bought and put up our freshly-pine-scented live Christmas tree, went bowling with the fam, and hung Christmas lights. I feel really good about all of that! I even had time to catch up with my old friend, the DVR, including three episodes of Glee. In other words, I made time for relaxing in addition to getting lots of things done. I’m proud!

As for my Turkey(less) Day, it was great! The boys and I ran our local Turkey Trot together. By together, I mean that it took us the first half mile to find a good pace for all three of us and keep J-slice from weaving around people, cars, spectators, pets, and anything else he could find. After we got in a groove, it was really enjoyable. It was a beautiful day and being with J and J-slice helped me focus on the fun of the run (did I really just say that?!?)

I also realized this year that because I wasn’t eating turkey or other meat-related items, the focus for me was completely on family and enjoying the day. Food coma? Not me. Plus I was lucky enough to partake in the roasted butternut squash lasagna that John made in an effort to show off his cooking skills to his family and give me something I could actually eat. Ten Awesome Boyfriend points for John!  I was doubly thankful for the time he spent making that lasagna when I realized the veggies had been made with cream of chicken soup. I think that warrants a bonus ten Awesome Boyfriend points because I really would’ve been starving… which leads to crankiness and then no one is happy.

How did you guys celebrate Thanksgiving? Any traditions started or continued? Did anyone else set a record for Earliest You’ve Ever Put Up Your Christmas Tree? Maybe just me… Know what else is just me? A two-page Christmas list. No joke. Ah, I am special.

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  1. November 28, 2011 8:42 pm

    When I was little, I had a stuffed kitten that made a purring noise. I think it had a marble in it to make it purr. It was really calming, so I believe it when you say that the real thing is stress relieving!*


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