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Friday Fun: vacation update

July 15, 2011

Last nite I kicked the Post-Vacation Blues by completely destroying my to-do list. Oh and since chocolate cures all problems, I made these Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars. John said they were easily in the top 10 best desserts he’s ever had. Score one for the girlfriend! They’re about two inches tall and each bite probably adds about two pounds of not-muscle. But like I always say, they’re “good for the soul!”

So now we can move on to happier things like reminiscing about our vacation week on the lake in GA. And what a sweet week it was.

J-slice had his first jet-ski ride

boys on the jet-ski

And first boat ride

he's on a boat

And first tubing experience

J-slice tubing

This kid was absolutely hilarious. He kept saying things like “it feels like I’m taking a giant dump!” (He was sitting in the tube on his legs and it vibrates a lot that way). And “I’m a daredevil! I’m a daredevil!” At first he wanted me to hold onto his tube and stay inside the wake. He quickly realized that was boring so we went outside the wake. Then he said to let him go. It was a proud moment for this mama-slash-former-semi-professional-tuber.

Oh and we taught him the gestures you make to the boat driver: thumbs up to go faster, thumbs down to go slower, hand across your neck to stop. Then I made one up with my open hand pointing down and my fingers wingling – that meant crab legs (what we were having for dinner that nite). So J-slice made up his own: fingers to mouth meant bacon. He kept gesturing for bacon while tubing! Cracked me up.

He also kept making faces like this

classic face

and this

another classic face

It brings us such joy to watch J-slice have so much fun. He’s so dramatic and expressive.

We’re happy vacationers and thankful to spend time with our family, playing on the lake, eating yummy food, and enjoying the view with a good book.

as tan as three pale white people can beWhat vacations do you guys have planned? We’re thinking about a beach weekend some time soon. Any suggestions?


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